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Bigfoot is known for setting up the best nightclubs in UAE and every customer that comes through your door is crucial and you need them to return. Its is of vital importance that your venue is ready for success from day one.

Market Research, Concept Research, Developement Competition studies
The first step for most people when getting the idea to open a bar, is thinking of a concept. BIGFOOT, through research, adds ideas, fills in gaps and find solutions, to make your vision a reality. It is important to remember you are not just opening a bar but operating a business. The first priority is to come up with a concept to your bar then like any other business, you require a business plan. We provide :

  • The Bar Business Concept
  • Concept research & Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Relations
  • Production & Operation Plan
  • Human Resources
  • Business Financial Plan
  • Business Action Plan